How Often Should I Post for Best Results?

In an effort to promote your business and boost awareness of your brand, you have set up accounts on several social media platforms. It’s a good first step but unfortunately, it’s not enough. In order to make the most out of social media posting, you have to post quite regularly.


The issue of how often one should post to social media is one that has been debated at length. For all social media platforms, you should post at least once a day to remain active and get your business in front of the eyes of users regularly. From there, you can post more often but the number of times you post should depend on the platform.


Posting on Instagram

 You really should not post from your Instagram profile more than once a day. However, posting using the Stories feature can be done more frequently. Stories on Instagram typically disappear within 24 hours unless you add a story as a highlight. Due to the fact that Stories vanish fairly quickly, you can create more than one a day without worrying that you will appear spammy to your followers.


Posting on Facebook

You should post to Facebook once or twice a day, but no more than that. In fact, if you post to Facebook more than twice a day, you will probably see a drop in engagement, according to some studies. If you post to Facebook every day, you will gain followers four times faster than posting less than once a week.


Posting on Twitter

Twitter is a very fast-moving social media platform, meaning not only can you post more than once a day, but you should post more than once a day. Ideally, you should post on Twitter two or three times a day, but no more than five times. For longer posts, you can use one thread of seven to eight tweets per day, and publish one other shorter post. Any more than that and you run the risk of being muted or unfollowed, which will drop your engagement rate.


Posting on LinkedIn

Assuming that you are posting the content LinkedIn users are most interested in, which are professional and networking posts, you can post up to five times a day on LinkedIn. The platform has published a report showing that users who post once a month gain followers six times faster than those who post less often. Businesses that post once a week have twice the engagement, and posting daily will help you gain even more traction.


The Bottom Line

To effectively promote your  business on social media, it is important that you post to all social platforms at least once a day. Whether or not you post more than that will depend
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