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True to our commitment of helping you succeed, we have rounded up a short list of frequently asked questions regarding us and our services. Should you not find the answers you need or if you want to ask further questions, just contact us and we’d be happy to talk to you.

  1. Is your company truly qualified to serve my graphics design needs?

Yes, we are! RT Media Graphics has been a consistent top player in the graphics design industry. Having been in the business for 10 years and with a team of qualified and talented designers, we are confident enough to say that we can complete your requirements and satisfy you with the results and even outperform. We worked with several clients over the years and they were totally amazed at what we did. You can check our portfolios for examples of our work.

  1. How does the design process work?

Upon verification of the contract and your desire to let us handle your project, we first hold meetings with you to discuss in-depth what you want to be done. This is also the perfect time for a brainstorming session between you and us. Next, we hold our own internal meetings to discuss client needs and what we can do to enhance the ideas you gave us. We then proceed with the actual work, giving you updates from time to time and letting you approve certain areas of the work before moving on to the next. This goes on until we submit a final design for you to approve; and then the project is commenced and the designs will finally be sent to you through your chosen medium.

  1. Can I actively participate during the design process?

Yes, of course. From the very start of the project, we hold meetings with the client and encourage them to bring in illustrations, pictures, color swatches, and fonts that they’ve been thinking about. From there, we continuously include clients in the actual designing process, asking them to approve certain parts of the ongoing work before it is actually included in the finished products. When the final design work is ready, it is shown to the client for final approval before it is released and given to the client through the mediums stipulated upon in the contract of agreement. This service is for you; you have the right to put your ideas into it!

  1. How much do you charge for your various services?

There is actually no straightforward answer to this question, as the prices will vary depending on the type of service you avail, the length of time to complete your project, and the requirements needed for the products. However, we do have two types of charging: the net price and the hourly rates. Net price is the actual per-project price determined upon the start of the project, whereas the hourly rates charges the entire project depending on the hours spent to complete it. For more information and to receive a fee quote on our billing systems, please send us a message through any channel on our Contact Us page.

  1. What kinds of technology do you use to create your projects?

We at RT Media Graphics utilize the latest software systems as well as different digital techniques to create excellent designs. Currently, we use a multitude of software from Adobe, Corel, Quark, Microsoft and Macromedia.

  1. Will the artwork for my projects be mine once the final designs are done?

Every approved final design is all yours with no questions asked. However, the artwork files used during the development of your design may or may not be given to you unless stipulated in our contract of agreement. If you wish to have these files, please do mention it to us at the start of our project.

  1. How do I receive my final designs?

We will send you the final copies of your finished designs at your preferred medium- it could be via email, via Dropbox or on CDs. If you have any other media in mind, feel free to tell us. Also, the completed design project will be yours upon the receipt of the full payment for the entire project.

  1. Which payment options do you most prefer?

Credit card, Paypal, Company checks are accepted, wherever you maybe in the globe.   Got more questions? Well, don’t keep staring here. Get in touch with us right now and we shall help you out with whatever information you need regarding our services.

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