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Dear website owner,

The Internet is changing. Faster Internet speeds and higher resolution monitors mean your customers expect larger, pixel perfect and even animated images to keep them engaged.

Consider these facts:
- Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.

- 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies.

- Microsoft found animated images (cinemagraphs) increased engagement on facebook by 85% and reduced cost per click on Instagram by 45%.

Simply put, you need dynamic visually impacting imagery that will keep traffic on your page for longer for a price that won't break the bank.
Stop Killing Your Customer Experience With Overused, Boring And Legally Questionable Generic Photo Packs
Tired Of Spending Hundreds of Dollars on Photos?
You'll find hundreds of great photos on premium photo sites like Photodune. The only problem is the shots cost $40 a pop. Let's face it, there are FAR better things to spend hundreds of dollars than on a few photos...
But Worried by the Threat of a Legal Case?
Getting caught using copyright free images is no joke. Take the case of Roni Loren (roniloren.com) who received a $4,000 fine for unknowingly using an image that she grabbed off Google safe search for an article. And it's one of hundreds of cases with fines ranging from $2,000 to $8,000.
Introducing  PREMIUM PHOTOS Volume 2 
  •  700 never seen before photos.
  •  200 Royalty free cropped images.
  •  100 cinemagraphs.
  •  Commercial copyright free for print, web and social media.
High Resolution Photos
Here Is a Sample of the 700 high-quality Never Seen Before Professional Stock Photos You Can AccessToday
Preview the 200 high-Definition cropped Images You Can Access Today
And You Get 100 high-Definition Cinemagraphs Covering a Range of Subjects including; city life, business, transport, technology, finance and more...
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Never seen before Stock Images accompanied with Professionally Cropped Images and Premier Quality Cinemagraphs.

A Great Deal For All Your Marketing Needs!Perfect For Social Media, Landing Pages, Apps, Banners, And More... 
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Here's Why You Should Choose This Package 
Never Seen Before PhotosI
can guarantee that all of the stock photos are taken personally by hand using my Canon EOS Redel SL1 so you can rest assured you have the correct licence for a huge range of unique photos.
There are beautiful travel photos, images of city life, food, technology and more. These photos will be relevant to your needs and those of your clients (seriously, no flowers... unless you're a gardener).
Average Image Size of 5,000 x 3,000 Pixels
Each of the 700 photographs and 200 cropped images in this premium pack is print ready. None of the images have been compressed giving them a pixel perfect appearance. It meant extra time uploading the images, but it means you can use them for any project.
100 Engaging Animated Images 
When Microsoft tested cinemagraphs as part of an advertising campaign they found they outperformed images, decreasing cost per click by 45% on Instagram, increasing engagement by 85% on Facebook and 110% on Twitter.
We spent a great deal of time sorting through the images and cinemagraphs and picking the finest examples so we can provide you with the best deal.
Print ready photographs, individually edited to create the perfect images saving you time and money.All our stock photos have been put through editing software to maximize visual impact and ensure a professional quality throughout.

Why pay extortionate rates when you can snap up a great deal.
We want to provide 110% satisfaction and pride ourselves on ensuring quality at unbeatable value.
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